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Sizing & Measurement Information


The first step in making sure you get a garment that fits prefectly is taking measurements. The first rule of taking measurements for period clothing is to forget everything you know about your modern sizing. Throw out your bra size, it's useless. The same is true for your jeans and dress sizes. There are simply too many variables with modern sizing for any of that to provide me with any accurate information with which to draft a pattern. Instead, take the following measurements. Do so with the tape measure held firmly but NOT restrictively (except for the tight bust and waist measurements). It helps to either have a friend measure you, or to measure in front of a mirror to be sure you're holding the tape measure evenly parallel to the floor. If you're holding it crooked, you could be changing your measurements by quite a bit.


BUST: This is your chest at its fullest point, NOT your bra size.

TIGHT BUST: Measure around your bust again, this time pulling the tape measure as snugly as is comfortable. This will give me a good indication of your squish factor.

UNDERBUST RIBCAGE: For Wench Bodices and Underbust/Overbust Corsets, I will need to know your ribcage measurement right beneath your bra band. This is typically about 4 1/2"-5" above your waist.

WASPIE RIBCAGE: For Waspie Corsets (Waist Cinchers), the ribcage will fall lower. Measure around your torso 3 1/2" above your waist.

WAIST: This your waist at its thinnest point, which will be higher than your modern waistline is. It should fall at approximately the spot where your torso creases when you bend from side to side.  If you have trouble finding this spot, tie a string around your torso at approximately where you think your waist falls, and bend back and forth and side to side.  The string will settle at the spot you need to measure. 

TIGHT WAIST: Measure around your waist again, this time pulling the tape measure as tight as you comfortably can. We all have a different squish factor, so this is a very important measurement to help me gauge your comfort level in sizing a bodice or corset for you.

WASPIE UPPER HIP: For Waspie Corsets (Waist Cinchers), measure your upper hip 3" below your waistline. It helps if you leave the string around your waist and measure down from that.

CORSET UPPER HIP: For Underbust and Overbust Corsets, measure your upper hip 4 1/2" below your waistline. It helps if you leave the string tied around your waist and measure down from that.

HEIGHT: It also gives me a torso reference if you let me know your height. Typically, my standard sized patterns work best of 5'3" to 5'6", so if you're shorter or taller, or just have a naturally long or short torso, I may have some additional measurements for you to take. If that is the case, I'll send you instructions via email.








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